You Cant Hold Me Back

In this crazy world we live in where people walk around with their clothing inside out or act weird for attention, it becomes hard not to stop and take a picture to remember the moment or even post the picture on a social media site just to share the fun. But as far as altering ones behavior goes just to avoid this phenomenon of being “exposed” is stupid. I believe that the way people behave is a former of expression and depicts their character. I am sure we all as Rutgers students have seen a lot of characters on a friday night on college ave and you have stopped and admired the drunken performance and maybe have even posted a video or two. But this idea of capturing the moment should never stop someone from being expressive. It has grown into a culture that all have adopted because it provides us with the need to be connected and also provides us with a good laugh.

This has become apart of our culture and is a huge part of our social media outlets such as instagram and vine. People love to share and connect through social media and do so by stopping and admiring the behavior and actions of others. But i do understand that some don’t like to be videotaped or have pictures taken of them without their content. So i just say that if don’t you want to be the one posted on a one video for acting crazy then just don’t act crazy. It really is that simple because then people wouldn’t have a reason to capture the moment if their wasn’t anything to capture. I believe by now everyone knows that we live in a digital world where everyone has a smart phone or a high-tech camera where the world is literally in their hand. So with this being known why would a person who fears being captured act a fool. SO i guess i agree with Jeffrey Rosen to an extent because i don’t think people should change the way they can’t because it ultimately changes who they are but, I do believe that if you are someone who fears being written about or taped you should be a lot more subtle when out in public.

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