You are always accountable for your actions

In the age of blogs, all citizens, no matter how obscure, will have to adjust their behavior to the possibility that someone may be writing about them.

I believe yes, this is true to every extent.  There is not reason why an individual whom you shared some words or interactions with would not write about you.  While of course “someone writing about you”  is not always slanderous or negative, negative feedback is always there as a possible option.  The internet as a whole has really increased our use of the written word, and the popularity of blogs, – namely personal journal blogs – has increased the chances significantly that someone could write about you.

While myself personally, or anyone of a similar social standing (meaning no real social standing; a normal, run of the mill individual) does not need to worry so much because other people would not be interested in reading about me, we can clearly see that for “popular” individuals this is not the case.  Famous actors, actresses, singers, etc. always have to be on guard for this exact reason: the masses are interested in what they are doing on a daily basis.  Besides just that, everyone loves to hear a scandalous story of someone acting out of line, and this can twist the actual facts of what happened.  Something as simple as, “You look nice today,” turns into a post of how so-and-so was ravenously flirting with so-and-so.

This goes for “regular” individuals as well – if you’re caught doing something completely out of line, or something close enough that it could be distorted to seem that way, then the masses would indeed like to read about your behaviors.  You also may not know at the time that the person you just accidentally spilled your coffee on is actually a ranting blogger with over 57,600 followers, and you are now being called the epitome of an unapologetic Starbucks douchebag.

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