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Honestly, I think the main reasons why people abandon their blogs is because they just forget about it or have writers block.  It is HARD to write about a specific topic day in and day out.  My blog is about my soccer team, and although i spend probably 30+ hours a week playing soccer, or with my soccer team I even find it hard to blog sometimes.  In order to maintain a blog I think that people need to focus on doing smaller posts more frequently.  It is really hard to do long posts, not to mention I think that people get bored reading longer posts.  By doing shorter posts more frequently it is less quantity but much more quality.  Also, I think it is obviously important to blog about something that you love and spend a lot of time doing already, this allows you to blog about something that is already a part of your life rather than trying to make something a part of your life just to blog about it.

I would like to keep up with my blog personally.  I know that this will be much harder in the Spring because it is off season so there is less to write about.  For anyone who is thinking about abandoning their blog I would tell them that if they don’t really like it, go ahead, abandon it.  But if they think there is a chance they may want to come back to it at a later date, maybe just tell readers in a post that you will be back, or try to post something short once a month or twice a month just to maintain some sort of readership.  Overall, blogging can be great but it is something that you usually do for fun, so if it becomes not fun I guess the right thing to do would be to abandon your blog because if you are not into it fully, readers are going to be able to tell, and then they will just loose interest.  My best advice would be just to blog at a steady yet slow pace, don’t burn out and post a million posts just because you are inspired, maybe just write them and then set it so they are posted in week  or month intervals.


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