Stop The MADness

So this weeks discussion about blog abandonment has got me to thinking about some of the main reasons people abandon their blog. And so far from my personal experience it has to do with the loss of interest and the time commitment that having a blog demands. I know for me personally if it wasn’t for me being in this creative writing class i would have never started a blog nor would i be even writing this post right now (lol). But seriously, this class has kept me on track and has demanded that i post on a regular basis and contribute to not only this class blog but also my personal blog Urban Manner. But that not to say that i haven’t fell off with a few post on my personal blog or that I am a completely perfect blogger. This is just to point out the fact that if it wasn’t for this class i wouldn’t be a blogger. And i guess you can say that once this class is over i may be a prime example as to why i feel people abandon their blog. My reason would be that i won’t have the time to set aside in order to continue my blog or even post on a non-regualr basis. Time is a major factor when it comes to creating and maintaining a blog. And time is very precious to a lot of people especially college students who constantly have the fear of exams, papers, homework, class work, and group projects to worry about. So I can completely understand why blog abandonment is common and may be largely due to the time commitment issue. So lets hope that Miss Bombshell can fight throughout this time commitment issue and make Urban MAnner a blog thats forever running

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