Privacy vs Free Speech

I do agree with the statement that we need to adjust as things like blogs evolve. We all are entitled to a right to privacy but the people talking about us are also entitled to a right to free speech. I can see how these two rights make collide and cause conflict. I believe that the best case scenario is that bloggers should continue to have the right to write freely however, should respect the privacy of the people they are talking about. If that means that the person in question should be given an anonymous name or if only an initial should be given, then that is the up to the discretion of the person being talked about. After all it is not only the blogger’s reputation on the line but the person being talked about as well. Ultimately, I believe that information and events should be able to be freely blogged about even if the other person does not want it to be. However, I believe that the person should hold the right to remain anonymous. This to me is the only thing that should be a must. The events that occur however should still be able to be blogged about. After all, if a random person saw you do something stupid then and they blog about it, there is nothing you can really do to make them remove it since you don’t know each other. The effect would be the same and the person being blogged about will have to just adjust and move one. That being said, I believe that bloggers should remain careful about what and who they blog about. Even if they maintain the right to blog about events, would it really be worth the other person getting upset with you over the post. If you are ready to threaten your relationship with the other person then blog away jerk.

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