Keeping the Dream Alive

There are several obvious reasons why people decide to abandon their blogs. The main reason is that people don’t have the time. Most people don’t get paid from blogging (at least not enough to be self-sustaining) therefore you can assume that the probably work an 8 hour a day job. They may also be students or have families to take care of. Because of this, often times people don’t have time to maintain things like blogs, not when there are other priorities that need to be completed first. Another reason that I believe causes people to abandon their blogs is the frustration of not having huge success. Unless you’re one of those one hit wonders, it takes a long time to gain a following. It is definitely frustrating for me to see that no one is reading my content when I specifically made my blog in order to put my opinions out there. At that point I wonder what is the point. The best way that I believe to prevent “blog burnout” is to connect with the community. Find blogs that are similar to yours and get active on that community. Take part in the comments and participate in discussions. Even if this doesn’t get you recognized by the blog author or give you more views, it is mentally refreshing to at least get your opinions out into the open. Also you may see other opinions and gain new ideas by talking about it with other people. If I were to give one piece of advise to someone else it would be to go out and get involved. When you are a small, beginning blog, most people will just pass you by. Go to bigger blogs with similar topics and see what you can learn.

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