Internet Exhibitionism

Honestly, people are going to get mad if they are posted about in someone else’s blog no matter what.  I feel like if a person is posting about their life and they write about someone else, even if they change their name and the person who is being written about finds out about it, they are going to make a big deal about it.  In the case of the article many of the blogs were life blogs, or even sex blogs so I could see how people may get upset about particular instances.  In my opinion I think that if you are writing about someone it is kind of flattering because it means that they mean something to you or had an impact on you enough to be written about.  Then again I have never (to my knowledge) been blogged about so I guess I really could not say what my reaction would be.

As for people having to adjust their behavior, I guess that not just in the age of blogging but in the age of technology in all people have to adjust their behavior to a certain extent.  For example while at a party, the chances of someone taking a photo or ‘selfie’ with you are probably near 100% usually in a picture people make a silly face or try to look like they are having a great time.  In reality they could be miserable.  However, the chances of the picture showing up on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook make  people feel like they need to change and alter their personality in order to look happy in a picture that could be seen by thousands of their ‘friends’ or even their friends friends.  Technology is able to look into our lives so much more than we could previously be looked at, and because of that many people fear being judged by others and alter the way they look in order to create a ideal personality on line.  No one is going to put up a bad Facebook picture of themselves, if they do they usually do it, and make the caption like “Ew no make up so ugly.”  Usually a million of their closest friends will then go and comment on the picture “OMG shut up you are so pretty.”  It is just an endless cycle of altering personalities in order to look the best you can on line.  Technology does this to everyone, weather we realize it or not, so I guess Jeffery Rosen was right.


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