Don’t blog for your readers, blog for yourself

The most common reason why blogs die is because the author no longer wants to post.  Such reasons include being too busy, the blog now bores them, they ran out of stuff to talk about, they are disheartened by a lack of viewers, and more.  Because blogs can so easily be started on a whim, very few blogs are created with ambitions that stick.

I think that if you want to have a blog that doesn’t die, you as the author need to to be extremely interested in your topic, and blogging can’t feel like work.  If it’s something you truly enjoy, you will blog and it will just come naturally to you.  I may have a rather unpopular opinion here, but I think of blogging a lot like friendships – if you’re finding yourself needing to put in a lot of effort, it’s just going to feel like too much work to be worth it.  The ones that last are the ones that happen naturally, and continue naturally.  While of course there are ups and downs, and the occasional “I should give so-and-so a call, I haven’t talked to them in a while,” if you find yourself doing this often, you will tire of it.

The best way to prevent blogging burnout is to calm down and stop trying to post so much.  If you have an inspired day and come up with a lot of posts, schedule them out for later in the week.  If you really start to get a good buildup of blogs posted, start letting them publish sooner and sooner.  A good rule of thumb could be to always have one scheduled post on hand, and if you find that becoming difficult to maintain, then you may be trying to post too much.  Relax, take it easy, and have fun – it’s your blog, remember why you created it, and don’t post for your viewers.  Post for yourself.

If I had a friend who hadn’t updated their blog in a while, I would let them know that I have noticed and care about their blog.  I would inquire about their reasons for starting the blog and what their feelings are on it now. Ultimately, you can’t make someone blog, and if the desire isn’t there then the blog won’t be either.

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