Blogging Relations

I would somewhat agree with Rosen. In the age of technology, almost everything we say and do can get distributed across the internet. Therefore, I think we should watch how we behavior with others, especially bloggers who blog about their personal lives.  However, I do think that bloggers should figure out an alternative to posting about others, especially in relationships, because someone can be portrayed in a negative light and shamed. Initials or just making up codenames ( Big Bird, anyone?) would be a better alternative than using names, but then again some people would not want their information posted at all. Bloggers have an obligation to inform others if they plan to write or might plan to write about their relationships. This is a little like being an author, as most authors do not write about real people or people they know, becaue they don’t want to anger or publicize this person without their consent. But this is also a question of how we behave, and if we act accordingly, then we will develop a sense of professionalism and legitimacy as critic or journalist, and not just a blogger.

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