Avoiding Blog Abandonment

I think the main reason bloggers abandon their blog is  lack of readership.  If you don’t have a lot of readers many bloggers may  decide it is not worth their effort to continue.   More than likely the few readers that a blogger has are family and friends.  If they truly are interested in hanging on to their blog, they should research avenues on how they can promote their blog to gain more readership.

To prevent burnout of my own blog I would do a couple of things.   First, I would probably shorten the length of my posts.  This would alleviate some pressure to having to post to a certain length.  I think 2 posts a week is reasonable, so I would stick to that as a minimum, but if I had smaller posts to add throughout the week I would do that since I would not keep myself to a word limit.  Second, I would look into ways to increase my readership.  knowing I have more of an audience would be motivating.   Third, I would add in different kinds of posts, such as guest bloggers, video blogging, and maybe podcasts.

If I had a friend with a great blog who had not posted in a while, I would first tell them to post!  Next I would let them know how much I enjoy reading their blog and always look forward to new posting.  If I knew any other people who read their blog, I would let them know.  If they were struggling with the the blog for whatever reason, I would offer words of encouragement as well as advice since I am now a blog aficionado after taking our class!

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