Just Deal With It!

I do not think that people have to change the way they act because of the fear of being blogged about. You shouldn’t live in fear of that but you should be conscience about it. I wouldn’t only say this applies to bloggers but just with the use of technology in general. People post bad things about their boyfriends or girlfriends when they get into a fight. People online always post things on twitter or Facebook about their relationships. With all these new forms of expressing ideas and opinions on the Internet it is kind of unavoidable. I would say that if you are a jerk and this makes you stop being a jerk then yes live in fear! If you are a regular person who has a descent personality than you should not change your attitude just because of the fear. Like I said, you may not encounter a blogger. It is hard to avoid situations like this because people use social media to publicly display personal information. Back when I was an intense Facebook user I would sometimes vent about people and even though I give out specific names, they knew who they were (yes I was one of those people). The same applies if someone was mad about you and wrote some indirect message and posted it up. Just because of this one person or a few posts you shouldn’t just hid your face when you make contact with an unknown person. I think people should just learn to live with it.

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