Anonymous Blogging

If a blogger remains anonymous, I don’t think it would affect my reading of that blog. In fact, I have visited blogs where the writer/s are anonymous (duh, who hasn’t) and where the writers had their names out there and I never flinched a bit. I found both blogs to be somewhat credible in their specific field and I actually thought the blog with the anonymous writer added more of a “community” feel to the blog. The readers of the blog would always joke about what the writer may look like, and then a picture of him was posted on the blog and the readers all freaked out since they finally got a chance to see the real writer. I found it funny to read and was actually more inclined to come back and read that particular blog. While it’s not like the other blog is at all dry and bland, I did enjoy the community feel the blog with the anonymous writer had. I also enjoy reading an anonymous blogger because I know, in the back of my mind, that the blogger is not afraid to publish what is on his or her mind since he or she doesn’t really have to “own up” to what they post. If a name is attached to the writing, then the writer may feel inclined to tone it down a bit since anyone can find it and trace it back. Especially for job interviews, for example, it probably wouldn’t be too hard to find something that the interviewee published with the name attached.

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