WoodBury:Fight the Dead Fear the Living

  • Our community does not allow children under the age of ten or elders unless they have skills we require or need.
  • Our environment is out skirted with the heads of zombies we have killed to warn off potential enemies and other zombies.

Blog Breakdown


  • Lessons on weapon use by professors Darryl  and Michonne who is skilled in using a bow and arrow and sword. Daryl_Dixon_(TV_Series)
  • Lessons on medicine and how to fix battle wounds by Professor Hirschel
  • Lessons on being a gatherer for medicine and food needs by Professors Glenn and Maggie
  • Maggie-and-Glenn-Season-4-Promo-Photo-the-walking-dead-35070727-470-750

Council Page

This page is where people in the community can find the members who make up our council who make the decisions for the town. Also they can find the dates and times of when the council meetings will be held.

Obituary Page

This is where we honor the dead and recognize their many contributions to Woodbury and where people in the town can find the dates and times of the funeral service.


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