Bloggers and their Accountability

Bloggers who blog about certain products are often given the products by companies so that they can then go and promote these companies on their blog forum.  For example there is a blog i read about nail polish and the blogger gets the polish from each company so that she can then blog about it.  I think that bloggers should inform readers when they are given things by companies because if they don’t it is like false advertising.  I mean if lets say like Nike wanted to give me shoes and then blog about the shoes for them, I would be TOTALLY down, but I would feel like I need to tell the people who are reading the blog that Nike gave me the shoes for free, and this is what I think about them.  As for bloggers fact checking and being accountable like journalism I am unsure.  On one hand I think that it is important to get some major and well known facts correct.  On the other hand blogging is opinion based.  People usually blog about specific topics in which they have some connection or passion for, so it is there right to give their opinion.  People should realize that when they go on blogs, it is opinion and that the facts may be bias.  People often comment how Fox news is bias therefore, if you could see a major news program being bias, then you should not be surprised if a persons personal blog is bias and therefore they do not need to fact check, it is a readers job as the spectator of the blog to fact check if they are questioning hyr truth behind it.


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