The dangers of the blogging world

In this post there are two questions that I will give my opinion on. The first one is whether or not bloggers should put a disclaimer if they are receiving a free product. I definitely believe that they should because it would be better in the long run. If bloggers hide this fact, then the viewers may feel cheated and upset that the blog may be less about the content and more about the product. In other words, they will believe that the blogger is a sellout. It would be better to be honest and upfront about it and show that you still are true to what you say even if you are getting products. The other question that I will give my opinion on is whether or not bloggers should be held accountable for fact checking like journalists are. Honestly, I believe that bloggers should check facts just to make sure that their blogs are legitimate and that the viewers can trust them. However, at the same time I believe that they also shouldn’t have to since they are not really protected by law like journalists are. Also to me blogs are all about speed. Therefore, it would lose purpose if the information came out two weeks later. So I believe that blogs should try to be as factual as possible but that it should not be forced to give up what makes it a blog for this alone.

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