It’s A Fact

I would agree that bloggers should be held accountable for fact checking like journalists because just like journalists they are distributing information that affects someone’s business or livelihood, and if presented inaccurately could hurt that person or company. Because our media is now always in a race to get a story out first, that levels the playing field with blogging. They are competing with each other, so esentially bloggers should be held to the same standards as journalists. As for receiving free products from companies, I think bloggers should disclose that information to their readers. It is advertising for a blog, so the blogger should talk about the companies product occasionally, but keep the focus of the blog. It’s a little like NASCAR in that a blogger is disclosing sponsors. Also, if that sponsor causes a blogger to have an ideological shift in whatever they are blogging about, then I think the readers should know why. It also depends on the type of blog one would receive gifts for. If it is a political or news oriented blog, then there is a slippery slope in publishing information and receiving some sort of gift, but for cooking/fashion blogs it would not be such a big deal beacuse the blogger is more apt to test out the gift and give an opinion on it.

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