information by bloggers

As a big reader of many blogs, I have seen many bloggers state that they received x and y samples from a company, and they would proceed to write about the product. So far, the products were not all positives. Some had downsides and some had in-between feelings. I feel that companies send free products to bloggers who are well-known. They probably expect these bloggers to write the best things about their products, but sometimes, there will be negatives. Companies probably know that the bloggers will not write all positives- it’s not like the companies are actually paying them to say positive things! It really is not a big deal if bloggers disclose when they receive free products or if they do not because in the end, bloggers just end up stating that they received products from a company…(probably doesn’t make any sense). To clarify, bloggers always post pictures of free products they received because they’re happy or sad…either or. We as readers can see the logo on the brand, and we can easily figure out which company made what. So, bloggers do not really have to disclose that type of info. It will be nice if they did though because it will clarify and make it easier if readers want to test that certain product.

Bloggers are pretty much alike Journalists if bloggers always update their blogs with news. The only difference between these two are journalists have to be neutral while bloggers go on a tantrum sometimes… There should really be no bias opinions, but sometimes, people can’t help it. I read an article stating that Journalists have to be unbiased for basically every article… even sports journalists cannot cheer at an event or they will get fired (is this true?). Journalists’ articles and stories need to get fact checked multiple times before getting published. I feel like bloggers should fact check their own information, too! They should get other credible people who can fact check for them as well. Bloggers are basically journalists, just in a more social and quick way. It’s embarrassing to go back to an already published article and have to make updates about corrections. I see popular, well-known blogs and news sites correcting their already posted articles, and I sometimes wonder why… It’s not easy being correct all the time, but it is a great thing to try being accurate most of the times. No one is perfect, but it doesn’t hurt to recheck your information and backtrack! Bloggers can update their corrections on their blog posts without actually being caught. They can edit their post, and no one will really know that they corrected a little piece of information. They should be less held accountable than journalists because bloggers, in my opinion, do not really portray the news as the whole world will see it. I feel like bloggers are more opinionated.

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