Do you trust the blogs you follow?

1. Do you think bloggers should disclose when they receive free products from companies?

If a blogger is writing about a specific product and they receive that product from the company for free then I feel as there are certain obligations to let your readers know that. If I was on my electronics blog and Google sent me the new Nexus 5 completely free, I would be ecstatic about it. I might try as hard as I could to give a fair and unbias review, however since I’m not a major writer or reviewer I don’t receive free things all the time. I would give Google the best review of the phone even if it wasn’t good at all. This being said I definitely think that mentioning that you were swayed in some way to write a good review is a must.

2. Do you think bloggers should be held accountable for fact-checking the same way that journalists do?

The topic of bloggers being held accountable for fact checking absolutely has to do with how big or popular the blog is. I wouldn’t hold myself or anyone I follow on tumblr for wrong statements in a post, but if the blog is a professional blog made for a brand name company then you would expect the same sort of accuracy in its facts. To be honest here after reading that article I understand that journalists don’t fact check their work after they finish the story. That is left for a team of specific checkers that make sure everything is correct. Either way a blogger has some sort of responsibility to his or her followers but that responsibility depends entirely on the number of followers and the success of the blog.


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