Do you get free gifts? Yes? Nice, Good For You!

I believe bloggers should disclose if they receive free gifts in order to sponsor a company.  In a sense it’s like bribery, if the company didn’t send them the gifts they would have never written about it.  When bloggers write about topics that endorse these kinds of companies it’s like lying to their readers.  They would post about how awesome or amazing the product is even if they don’t fully believe it themselves.  If the bloggers reveal that they were given free gifts from this company, it tells the readers that the blogger is being paid to present their product.  But this way the readers would know the truth, which is so much better than being tricked into buying the product.

I don’t think bloggers should be held accountable to an extent for fact-checking the same way journalists do.  It’s just not possible for a blogger to be able to check every single fact in their blog if they are true.  First of all they don’t have the same resources as a journalist so it might be impossible to check if the information is actually true.  Second of all it’s very time consuming, bloggers don’t have the man power to be able to dedicate that much time for fact checking if they have to run their own blog.  Lastly, it should be the readers job to determine to trust the blogger or not, they should know that newspapers are more reliable in their sources so bloggers might not always be true.  That being said, I feel like bloggers should be responsible to an extent for their content.  They shouldn’t just put random information in the blog not knowing if it’s true or not, but actually do research and write a blog that is as accurate as they can.


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