Disclosing and Fact Checking…What’s That About?

I do not think bloggers should disclose when they receive products from companies if they are reviewing the products.  When bloggers review products the viewers expect their review of be honest and genuine because it may convince them to buy the product or not purchase the product. When readers know that the blogger did not actually buy the product they know that the blogger’s opinion may be swayed and not to completely trust the review.  Blogger’s may like the fact that they are receiving free things and would like to continue to receive free products so they only mention the positive things about the product. As a reader I would like to see honesty and if you are not going to be honest then at least let me know that you are lying. I watch beauty vlogs all the time and when they talk about a product I make sure I know if they were sent the product I won’t really take their review to seriously. If the blogger is not reviewing the free product then they do not need to tell their readers a word.


I do not think blogger’s should be held accountable for fact checking. I think that it is more important for journalist to do this because the reputation of the company is on the line. If the blogger is just doing this for fun and not getting paid for anything then I do not think that it is important for bloggers to be obligated to do this. If a reader finds out the information that the blogger has been posting is false or copying another blog then people will just stop reading that blog. It becomes a problem when the blog is more popular and is being sponsored. When the blog is known very well and sponsored by another company then I think that it is necessary that a blogger should be held accountable for fact-checking; just as a large company other’s reputation and jobs are on the line and that should be respected.


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