Bloggers as fact checkers

In the journalistic world it is very important to check the facts and to acknowledge where information has come from. Before an article is published, many eyes review it to make sure that it’s acceptable and factual enough for the public. BLogging, as one would imagine is much more laid back. But should it be? Many people take blogging very seriously–it may even be a career for some. Blog followers may be seriously connected to a specific blog too, taking everything that is written very seriously. That being said, bloggers should be mindful of this and take the time to verify that they are not giving out false information. People believe what they see on the internet–they don’t necessarily need evidence that something is true to believe it as such. But why would a blogger want to feel responsible for false information spreading like wildfire? Because that’s what happens–people learn about something and tell their friends and they tell their friends and so on. In addition, a blogger that discloses his/her sources makes the blog for legitimate and credible which may in turn, attract more readers.

In regards to disclosing information, bloggers may receive free products from companies. Just as it is important to share sources, I think it’s important to mention these products. It’s important to build positive relationships with companies for marketing purposes and readers may be interested in what a blogger has to say about a particular product.

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