2 Thoughts 1 Post

So we all know that everyone loves free stuff but as a blogger when you receive free stuff should you disclose that information to your readers if  your doing a review of that item or on the company who provided the goods?

I completely think a blogger should let the readers know because at times the fact that its free could slant one’s view when writing the review and it also lets the reads know that the product was free so what they should expect and sometimes its not the honest truth. Lets keep it 100% real folks because if most people received something for free they would give it a great review even if it was horrible just based on the fact they didn’t have to spend their money to get it. But with me I  pledge to keep it real all the time as long as the free item isn’t backstage passes to a Chris Brown or Mack Wilds concert (LOL). Other than that my readers can expect to hear the truth on my blog.


And moving on to the second thought about fact checking. I feel as though fact checking is a life saver because it keeps the credibility of the source relevant and makes readers feel as though they can trust the sources information and it also keeps those bloggers and journalist who would lie to put out a juicy story from corrupting the minds of us wonderful people. But as far as the standard to which journalist are held to when it comes to fact checking should not be applied to bloggers because of the professionalism that newspapers and magazines have to live up to . Bloggers are based on ones opinion and thought whereas newspapers and magazines are suppose to be an unbiased source for information. Bloggers are allowed to express themselves freely and can do so by posting a story they heard was true or post a thought that they believe should be true or will come true in the future which opens the door. So basically fact checking when it comes to bloggers still should exist but not as strictly as the way it applies to journalist who contribute to newspapers or magazines

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