Live Blogging Good or Bad?

Live blogging is a writing that is happening on the moment whether it is news, shows or even an event. When I first came a cross a live blogging I thought it was very interesting and wanted to keep looking at it more. There are various types of live blogging and I must say I was very impressed with the ones I watched such as the sports and certain TV shows live blogs. But, there is also other types of live blogging that can be very opinionated and also biased. This types of live blogs can definitely alter how I might look into the information and also change my perception of something I love dearly.  It can either make me go against what I thought I loved or it can me hate that live blogging a lot and also it can also make me pursue my loving topic much more as well. 

Positive os live blogging is that it will keep me updated what is happening on the event. Maybe I am at work and can’t watch TV I can simply find a live blog where I will be able to read live time data from what is happening during the event. This is very good because it can make one very informative and also in the loop of what is happening. Live blogging can be very convenient. 


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