The Live Blog

Live blogging of a particular food show may actually be of interest to the readers of my blog.  If there was a show or food personality that was of interest to me, I could live blog as I watched the show.  I would discuss what the show was about, who the personality was on the show, and what was being discussed/prepared on the show.  Because I often talk about Martha Stewart on my blog, one of her shows would be a great one to live blog.  The positives about live blogging, we’ll use Martha Stewart as my example, would be readers who may not be familiar with her, would get to see what her and her shows are about.  Another positive, a live blog would add a bit of interest to my blog.  It would be something different for the readers.  A negative, as we discussed, is the technical aspect of trying to live blog on WordPress.  It is not as easy as just going to one place and typing.  Another negative for my blog in particular, is many people do not like Martha Stewart!  So I may lose a few readers for that particular post!

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