The Curator

From what I deduced from the Wikipedia article, a Curator is someone who preserves and maintains a collection of sorts. While it doesn’t always have to be something cultural or historical, usually the curator is in charge of keeping these things organized. I guess you could say a blogger is the same in that they can preserve a large mass of information through a blog. However, not all blogs do this, as I see blogs as more of a creative outlet than an archive. Speaking of archives, WordPress does keep an archive for you, but that doesn’t automatically make bloggers into curators. There is an aspect that I think is overlooked in this subject, and it has to be that bloggers are also creators. We don’t just take things that are already out there and turn them into something different or new. Bloggers create things of their own design; a curator strictly collects information. This is the defining argument that forces me to say that bloggers are not just another form of curators. Bloggers can go out and create new pieces of art that might be archived in their own blog, but it is still not something taken from history and stored in a way that a curator would. It also depends on the type of blog the person has. While I would normally think a curator as someone who might work at a museum, bloggers are extremely diverse in the types of blogs they maintain. The forms of media presented and topics discussed are just so different that saying a curator of bird skeletons is similar to a blog about how to barbecue is just too different for my mind to grasp. Maybe others will disagree, but I can only think of bloggers as curators in very specific situations.

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