Say No No to The Walking Dead Live Blog

I am really passionate about tv! I love watching tv shows and right now one of my favorite shows is The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead comes on Sunday nights from 9:00 p.m to 10 p.m. I personally would not like to watch or see a live blog of this show as it was going on; I think it will sway my own personal opinions about the episode. I don’t mind watching it with a friend as long as they are not making comments every two seconds, see why I wouldn’t like live blogging. I don’t mind reading other people’s opinions and reactions to the show after I have watched the episode but not during. I think we all need to form our own ideas and opinions about something before we see someone else’s. Watching a live blog will influence your reaction. An example could be last week’s episode, the live blogger could have loved the episode and if I had watched the episode without reading the live blog I would have disagreed but since I read it while watching the show I agreed with the live blogger. Reading comments and hypothesis about the plot and characters are things I love to do after I have watching the episode; it actually gets me more excited about the next week’s episode. I get the chance to agree or disagree with those comments based on my own experience, not someone else’s. Using a live blog in this case would ruin the experience of watching the show on your own. I do not really see any positives with live blogs at least to me it would not be positive but if you couldn’t see The Walking Dead because of some reason maybe this could be a substitute for watching it (not recommended).

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