Live Blogging

So, live blogging… It honestly reminds me of people live tweeting but obviously with more characters.  My main passion is soccer, reading a live blog feed during a soccer game would be like reading the box score after a game, or like watching game tracker during the game.  For those who do not know, a box score is basically all the stats from every few minutes during a game.  They include: goals, shots on goal, saves by the goalie, fouls, substitutions, corner kicks, free kicks, penalty kicks, and yellow/red cards.  Game tracker is a live feed that has no visual but that gives play by play run down of the game.  It includes similar things that box scores include but unlike box score which can be seen after a game is finished, Game Tracker is live so fans can follow the game play by play if they cannot attend or watch the game on TV.

Writing a live feed blog would be less appropriate for a soccer game than like live tweeting.  Because things in the game do not really need to be explained, and things happen way to quickly to write a live blog post about.  Usually, live tweeting is done during our game which gives the fans small updates and information about big plays, goals, or fouls that occur.  I think the idea of live blogging is cool, but I think it would have to be done for something that is more controlled and that moves at a slower pace.  My hands would probably fall off if I sat through an entire 90 minute soccer game and live blogged about every play.  Beyond this, it would get very confusing for readers.

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