Live Blogging: Its all about speed

Live blogging to me is a pretty interesting idea and one that could be experimented with to make a really great blog. By having things done in real time, your reader would probably get a better understanding of whatever it is you are doing and have the opportunity to instantly provide feedback and opinions. What is most amazing about this is the speed that things are done. Unlike posts which are pre-written and thought about well beforehand, live blogging require a constant flow of information. However, with that being said I believe that there are some things that need to be taken into account. Most obviously is the fact that you can talk faster than you can type. In live blogging, it would almost be like  a chat where small blurbs are typed out and then a back and forth typing conversation would occur. But if you want something like that why not live blog with a camera. Since you are able to talk quicker, wouldn’t it be easier to say your ideas and respond to typed comments from others rather than trying to keep up by typing. To me this seems like an easier option. In normal blog posts these things might not mean as much since you are writing out your posts and then posting them. But the purpose of live blogs is for the speed of feedback. Since this is the case, I feel that just having a live-stream is more efficient

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