Live Blogging is Entertaining Blogging

I really enjoy baking, and honestly, I think a live baking blog would be really cool.  Kind of makes me think of cooking shows, where you can literally watch someone making something.  This could be very helpful, giving you more insight into how exactly the recipe is carried out.  Because it’s live, you’d be able to see all the little nuances or small changes in a recipe that might not make it into the blog post otherwise.  It would also be really entertaining to see the poor baker fail, ending up with something pretty crappy – because it’s live, they’d just have to roll with it!

That being said, it seems like the only drawback to a live baking blog would be for the baker.  Because it isn’t a news cast, the viewer doesn’t need to make sure they are getting full, complete, factual information.  And if the blogger is doing it right, the viewer should easily be able to follow along with the recipe.  I would say that each baking post should be accompanied by the text version of the recipe, because it can be annoying to sift through a live blog post if you’re just trying to quickly grab the instructions for a recipe.

All in all my view on baking wouldn’t change, but perhaps my views of individual bakers who I follow would.  Getting to see them in action, you can actually tell if they bother to measure everything, sift the flour, or if they’re actually making those cute little fondant figurines themselves.  My view of them could change for the better by seeing how truly skilled they are – or for the worse, seeing how truly novice they are.


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