Live Blogging

Growing up in this new age where technology is like a third leg that we can’t live without, I am faced with two opposing thoughts. A part of me believes that a live blog wouldn’t change my opinion much on a subject. For example I am passionate about cars. So if I were to read or watch a live blog about the new unveiling of the Lexus LF-NX concept car, my passion would probably grow a little bit more if I was really interested in the car. However the way I feel about the car no longer has to do with the concept car itself but the live blog about it. This makes me believe that it is not my perception of what I’m passionate about that changes however it is my perception of the live blog.

On the other hand I know that news and media definitely mold and shape a community. So live blogging would work in the same way. If I am reading a really good live blog about the new LF-NX concept, then that makes me feel better about it. I’m more excited for it to be pushed through production and out on to the selling floor. The same goes for the opposite. In this scenario I am being influenced by a live blog to either love or hate something and I know that these are extremes but they are completely possible. I remember I was reading a live blog of my friends last year about the Superbowl. I didn’t get to watch it which is why I was catching up however I found that the blog was very dull and lacked all the excitement that comes naturally when watching a game. I didn’t have fun anymore reading about something I liked because football isn’t meant to be read about. It’s meant to be watched and enjoyed.

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