Live Alive!

Depending on what the topic is that you are blogging about, I think that the existence of live blogging changes the perceptions of the actual significance of what is taking place. Live blogging of news stories is a quicker way to gain information, and I think it adds to the significance of the event. Such as the Boston bombing, although some information that was distributed was false. That is the negative of live blogging, because it isn’t always 100% accurate information. With the music example, a live blog could outline how good a performance is or the interesting events at an awards show. But maybe the live blog also downplays the importance of events, and which we would later have to go back to recognize the significance. But for the most part, we understand the significance of the event while it is occuring. And with all news, we actually understand what is happening–we don’t have to wait for a length of time to figure out what actually happened–we get the gist of it all at once.

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