Is this a live blog?

Live blogging is a blogger that’s writing in the moment about something you are passionate about.  This existence of live blogging gives more emotion and impact in a bloggers writing, because it’s based off what they are thinking at that single point in time.  This tells the readers, the bloggers train of thought while they were watching or experiencing something.  If for example you were a fan of music and you were watching a live music performance or a music award, live blogs impact how you perceive the shows.  At the video music awards Miley Cyrus appeared on the stage giving an inappropriate performance, a live blog would be explaining what you thought of her at that moment.

The negatives of this would be giving a reader a biased view on the topic of her dancing, if you’re watching something and you read negative comments on it, you are going to assume it was bad.  Another negative would be the accuracy of the post, since it’s a live blog there is a room for error, so the information might not always be correct.  There’s also the fact that the blogger might not have all the information surrounding that topic.  The positives of live blogging is having a source of immediate information so you are able to stay informed.  A live blog is able to explain information step by step, giving organized and detailed information.


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