In the formal use of the term a curator is an overseer. Someone who controls and manages something because it is their job, Now although I don’t believe that a blogger’s do or die job is their blog I do believe that being a blogger makes them a curator as well. This blog would be nothing without the host. A blogger cares for their blog almost as if it were their own child. I know I would get pretty upset if someone messed with my blog and I couldn’t fix it, so yeah I definitely agree that I would consider myself a curator in respect to my personal blog.

Take for example a Zoo keeper. To the animals of that zoo he is a curator and just like a blogger he has to feed his animals. Most of the time he looks at the animals as his own. They aren’t just animals to him and this isn’t just a job. It is his life, and without them his life wouldn’t be the same thing. The same exact thing goes through a bloggers mind. A blogger carefully chooses what they wants to post. He or she feeds their own blog with only the material they deem worthy. Now granted I know that I could post horrible posts and wouldn’t care but if the zookeeper gave his animals bad food then he would feel like he was betraying them in a sense. Still the aspect remains that every action that a zookeeper does to maintain his animals at prime performance and health, the blogger does to keep his blog successful and running.

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