Live Blogging, The New Trend

“Live blogs provide commentary and analysis alongside breaking news rather than summarizing the event after it is over” is the description of live blogging as defined by Roy Greenslade. Live blogging has become a huge trend especially to this new generation where the majority is always on the go and multi tasking.  In other words, Live blogging is a quick and easy way to get current information about what is happening in less time rather than wait a few hours to read a large text and this is exactly why is has be shown the high demand and the popularity of live blogging.

Roy brings a great point up describing that Live blogging provides the reader with quick and accessible news at any place more specifically at work where reader are supposed to be working instead of reading the news.  I personally see this happening to many friends when they are in class and there is a very important soccer game on. Many of them access live blogging websites where they provide live news in of scores and key moves that is happening during the event. This type of website allows one to do two or more things at the same time such as writing an essay using half the screen and the other half of the screen reading quick phrases of scores and special actions taken during a certain game.

A second point that Roy brings that is extremely important that makes live blogging so popular is the idea of “involvement”. What does he mean by this? He states that readers don’t just simply watch or look at live blogs they also tend to get involved a lot of times by their comments.   Most live blogs that I have visited have a chat room on the side of the news where users are constantly chatting with one another and bringing up different comments and different ideas that have been just presented on the live blog.  This brings massive interaction and involvement between users and in addition it makes people more connected in a way.

Of course there are many advantages to live blogging, but we cannot forget the downsides of this new type of delivery information.  Roy emphasizes that the downside of this type of blogging is that the information a lot of times are not fully complete. Since the main goal is to provide quick and accessible news features, one might not get the full scope of the information like they would if they were live at the location or reading a full text on the topic.

I believe this type of blogging should not be the only source of information one should be reading. Instead readers should use live blogging as a foundation for the most recent information and latter read more about the news to fully understand what is happening and get the full insights about the information that they are reading.  If you haven’t tried yet live blogging, you should definitely experience this new way of getting quick and short information throughout the duration of an event or a news story that supports such platform.  You can even create your own live blog when doing a presentation and incorporate this type of tool. WordPress has its on plugin and below are a few websites that incorporates live blogging.


Jordanna Oliveira


  1. Brian

    I can see many advantages and disadvantages with live blogging. The greatest advantage is that “instantaneous” reaction from others. The speed at which information can be traded back and forth in this live environment is nothing short of amazing. This encourages quick interaction from a large group of people and is one of the best platforms to start discussions. Both of these things are huge pluses in my book for blogs. However, like the article stated, there are some possible downsides to live blogging the primary one being statements that are not entirely accurate. I believe that this is okay considering the speed at which information is being sent. As long as you note that all information is not complete, it should not be a problem. Most people who read any information have a critical eye anyways and are more than likely to refute incorrect information (you see this all the time in the comments section of articles of online newspapers). Even if it not fully credible, it is interesting to be able to see and hear many varying opinions from different types of people and is something that I believe should be encouraged. One thing that I believe is bad about live blogging is the fact that the actual blogger may be “crowded out” of his own post. They may have to spend so much time moderating and responding to comments that they may not have the time to fully elaborate their main point and purpose of starting the conversation.

  2. Miss Bombshell

    In the field that sparks my interest, which is celebrity gossip everyone tries to get the scoop on the hottest story first. So who wouldn’t love the idea of live blogging? It allows the blogger to connect with readers on a deeper lever because it’s in real time interaction. Also it gives the readers the inside scoop on hot topics as soon as it happens allowing the blog to get a lot of traffic to the page. For me live blogging is a great thing but I do agree that it shouldn’t be the only source people use to get information. Live blogging has its cons and one of them being that the whole story isn’t told which leaves the blogger with half of a story and readers wanting to know more. Also, live blogging still doesn’t compare to the way in which people normally get their news because even though it’s a delayed form of getting news, when compared to live blogging it provides all the details and satisfies the readers want to know exactly what happened and what was the outcome. Thus, live blogging is a great way to provide information as it is happening but this trend has a long way to go until its bullet proof.

  3. mjdenis38

    I’m in the middle when it comes to live blogging. On the one hand, it’s a great way to get information fast. On the other hand there is an issue with accuracy, and that often comes at a price when news outlets are competing with each other to get the story out first to get viewers. I agree that it shouldn’t be the only source of information people get, but rather a supplementary source of information because maybe it might provide a better context than another new source for the story. Live blogging is purely in the moment, and it is a good way to gage the emotions of the blogger at a particular moment, such as at a sporting event or a concert. Information is not complete in live blogging, because the blogger has to keep blogging and following what is going on or else they could miss something important. It is not like sitting down and reading an article which you can find and skim parts of to get the general idea. Brian’s comment is good: that a blogger might feel crowded with comments because the readers are commenting as the blogger is posting, clogging up the thoughts and the news feed, thereby suffocating what is actually trying to be conveyed through the blog post.

  4. mlew210

    I personally don’t see the point in having a live blog. Sure, it might be really helpful for someone who follows sports or something, but I have no use for it. My blog is about music, and the only thing I can think of using a live blog for is a live concert. Even then, there are complications with that. It’s all about being in the moment of things, and live blogging can provide better, more exciting news that way. I just don’t see the practicality of using it for my own blog. This week’s assignment for our personal blogs is really hard for me. It’s nearly impossible to find Japanese music already. Getting my hands on live footage and updating my thoughts about it through a live blog is not only difficult; it’s pointless. It would make more sense for me to just write a review since I will never be able to see anything live. I understand how live blogs might be really helpful for some people, but in my case, it makes everything more complicated. I can’t even get my viewers (if I had any) involved since live performances are often just videos on youtube or DVDs that have to be bought online. This might be different for someone who blogs about less foreign music. I can actually see myself using live blogging if a channel on TV or online happens to be showing the concert live. THEN I would be able to properly use the live blog. That way, both me and my readers can partake in the event together.

  5. hillary601

    I think that live blogging is really cool for the most part. It kind of reminds me of how we talked about a couple of weeks ago with spoilers. As I said then, I love watching TV when everyone else is watching it when it comes out and tweeting about what is going on and my reactions toward it all. It is a really great way to be connected with other people wherever they may be. I like it when the actors of the shows tweet their reactions to the TV shows that they are in. I feel like it gives us incite to them as people and gives us the opportunity to know them better. I feel like this sucks for people who don’t have the opportunity to be on the blog and are forced to catch up. There was one time where Jimmy Eat World had a live Q&A on reddit. I hated the fact that I couldn’t be a part of this so I was forced to catch up. I don’t know how I would have a live blog with music. What could I possibly do? Am I supposed to listen to a band while writing my opinions? The point of my blog is to share my music with others. I think it would be stupid if I just wrote while listening to music for the first time. It would take away from the creativeness of my writing style and my expression.

  6. Yadybel Ayala

    I feel like live blogging can be good in it’s own way. I feel like it can appeal to many people who are interested in this ability to read a person’s thoughts about a tv show you are watching right when it airs. Someone in class mentioned that live blogging could be like watching or experiencing the event with a friend; you get to receive feedback and their thoughts about the show instantly. I personally don’t like live blogging just because I hate people or things annoying me while I am watching a show. I rarely ever watch tv with friends and when I do we usually don’t talk about what happened until the end of the episode. Having a live blog takes away from the ability to experience the event first hand. As the blogger you are distracted from the show, not fully paying attention and not really experiencing the event. Think of it like this; when you go to a concert and record the entire concert with your phone do you feel like you were completely experiencing the event? Of course not and you are losing this ability to really experience emotions in the event because of your distractions. Like I said previously I think that is beneficial to those who like this kind of thing. It seems to me that it is more of a preference. One thing I do like which may be related to live blogging are reaction videos. Youtubers do this a lot, where fans encourage the youtuber to watch a video and we see their first reactions to the video. I know we aren’t actually receiving these feeling and feedback instantaneously but this is the closest thing I could think of. I, of course, like to see the video before the reaction but I think that it is cool seeing that initial reaction, feeling and expression of emotion.

  7. evanhuaru

    Live blogging is really convenient especially if you like keeping up to date with current news. Live blogging is a great way to check up on real time events even if you’re not watching them or you’re too busy. I know personally I don’t have the time to keep up with current news so I tend to resort to live blogging to discover all my information since it;s quick, efficient, and to the point. For example, twitter is a source of live blogging, people tweet about current news that might be occurring like the VMA’s, sports games, or tv shows. If you don’t have the time to watch them and you want to know what’s happening you turn to live blogs. However,even though live blogging is great because it’s fast and efficient there are some downsides to it. Since information is presented in the moment it might not all be the true. The accuracy of the post is lowered since they might not have all the information. Another disadvantage to live blogging is the potential of bias. Once someone gives an opinion on something you are most likely going to be persuaded in that direction before even seeing it for yourself.

  8. ktomiak25

    Live blogging’s success really lies in the topic and event its about. TV shows people like and dislike, but major political court cases live blogging is extremely informative where cameras cannot provide a live feed. similarly events like comic con or sporting events allow fans to follow the action when they may not be available to be there in person or in front of a TV. The best examples I can think of for this is when this past week there was a shooter at the Garden State Plaza. I first found out about it via twitter from my friends at home. From there I could follow news casts that were updated as information was released. Also because of twitter, I was about to find out that my friends in the mall had gotten out and were safe- sources like twitter allow both news and social media to mix for the most comprehensive live blogging feed. Reading as it was happening was a greater assurance than sitting wondering what was going on and when I’d finally get to read about it.. I definitely think it can have downsides like people wanting to have the NEWEST news and getting out of hand, but overall I am a fan.

  9. tedrihn

    The problem with live blogging is that it both parties tend to suffer the consequences of not paying attention to the actual topic at hand. I believe that if you are focusing half your attention on the event and the other half on your computer screen then you are really only watching half of the event. From an engineer’s perspective with only have the equation, you couldn’t even hope to solve it for all of the missing variables. That is why I do not like concept of live blogging. I would much rather watch my event with full attention and read more about it later or even blog myself about it later. That way I devote 100% of my energy into both things in a longer time than 50% of my energy into both things in half the time. Like Kat I too also was blogging on my personal tumblr when I read online about the armored shooter in the Garden State Plaza. I had to stop blogging and read the full article and gather all the info I could on that subject before I could post about it. I guess you could say that I like to take my time to make everything the best of what it can be. I don’t like to do too many tasks at once so that I can make sure that every single one of the tasks I do start, I finish

  10. Megan Murray

    I really like the idea of live blogging! In fact, many baking / cooking blog and gaming blogs have live posts. For baking, it’s really helpful to know exactly what was done at one time, and exactly what the baker did if they ran into any problems. For gaming, it’s great to see the poster’s initial reaction to something happening in the story-line! Especially for really in depth plots, or scary games that cause the player to jump or yelp in fright! This makes me wonder if I could do something like this for my own blog, because it seems like a really useful thing. To me, this is true live blogging: a video.
    I can see how live blogging can be risky though. For example, during a game you start raging out – yelling, cursing and the like – and your fans are put off, and stop watching you and reading your posts. Or as a baker, you might have an embarrassing mess-up, such as dropping a cake or using salt instead of sugar. This would make you look unprofessional and less skilled than if you had the proper time to prepare and edit.

  11. hg163

    I think that live blogging can be both awesome and bad. It’s awesome because it gives people up-to-the-minute feedback of what is happening for people who are not there (a game or some other major event for example). It can be bad, though, because the information presented could very well be incorrect (for some shooting or attack). As we discussed in class, news outlets are competing to get the story out first, so they don’t exactly care much about accuracy, at first, when it comes to this. As long as they get the story out first and correct themselves at some point, there are no real repercussions. I really love sports, so there is some use when it comes to live blogging. During the World Series and Super Bowl, there are many different live blogs because they are sort of a big event, and really the only big event during that time of year.
    One blog I visit had a live blog for the World Series, and after Game 2 (where the game ended on the umpire’s call). Although the call was correct in my view, and many others, the blogger got some of the facts wrong, mainly the rule that the umpires used to make the call. I enjoy this blog, so it didn’t really turn me off, but it was a little off putting that such a huge baseball fan didn’t know the rule.

  12. lisak0

    Live blogging is actually quite exciting. I loved my little version of live blogging on our own blogs. I enjoy reading live blogging because it’s so sporadic. It’s not as detailed, but I feel as if I am a part of the story; for example, if I am not near a TV during a hockey game, I can check live updates via a live blog. The writer is very fun. I feel like they show their emotions more because it’s more quick. A downside might be, as Jordanna stated, not detailed. It does not show the full info. And if you get your information incorrect, then you may look unprofessional. Many readers may not believe you as much… Yesterday, I read an older article about ..I forgot her name, a Congresswoman who got shot while campaigning…people live blogged that she passed away on the scene…I would have believed so too! But, they had to correct their mistake and say that she was recovering in the hospital. I feel like with live blogging, people want to get the information out quickly to gain the most audience. Especially for big nights, such as a big Football game or a Stanly Cup final Hockey Game, more live bloggers are more likely to write about it as it happens to gain more readers. It’s not a bad tactic. Bloggers just have to be careful with how they portray their information. They must also make sure to stay on topic!

  13. briellebuis

    I think that live blogging could be good or bad, depending on what type of blog you are writing for. While some blogs like pop culture blogs could promote live blogging because it would be cool to be blogging about a pop culture event while it is actually happening. Other blogs could be harder to live blog during. My blog, is about my soccer team. I think that it would be hard to live blog a lot for my blog because most of my blog posts are about the results of our games. However, I did blog this week during post and pre game activities which was pretty cool. I think if you had a strong desire to live blog, then anyone could find a topic that has to do with their blog in which they could live blog, but for certain topics it is much more useful than for others.

  14. karencronin

    I find it so interesting that live blogging is so popular. Thirty years ago if there was breaking news you probably would not have found out about it until you got home from school or work. But now with internet access on phones and tablets, anything you need to be updated on is only a Google search away. I think part of the draw of live blogging is that you are there when the news, sporting event, tv show, etc is happening. Live blogging makes you feel more involved in the action. But I think the conversing of readers in comments, chats, etc, during the live blog immerses you even more. Readers can carry on conversations with each other, comment on each others viewpoints, or add new viewpoints. If someone is posting a live blog during a popular tv show, fans of that show can all discuss together what is going on. Instead of a viewer of the show sitting at home by themselves watching, by getting involved in a live blog they are now watching with a large group of people. People get excited when they find others who share the same interests as themselves. I don’t think live blogging during a tv show we would have to worry to much about information not being correct. The live blogger is posting what they are seeing. The same would be true for sporting events. But I suppose live blogging of a news event may contain some erroneous information since there is not enough time for fact checking. But I agree with Jordanna that you should use live blogging as just one of your sources for information. With so many ways to access all kinds of information, live blogging can be one of the many resources we use to get our information.

  15. dmhgs

    I personally hate the idea of live blogging. Maybe it’s because of my specific blog because there’s not much you can do with live blogging on an anime review blog. I don’t see the point of logging out things that are happening as they are happening in blog form. You would have to publish the post after the event so technically your readers aren’t really reading it ‘live.’

    If you’re going to go ahead and give live feedback on something that is happening now my medium of choice to do so would be through something that used to be called vlogtv. vlogtv was a website where you would make blogs but instead of posting them on let’s say youtube after you’ve gotten your footage and edited it, vlogtv broadcasts you almost as if you were a television show. That makes it really ‘live.’ So people would be able to see you and what you are doing, almost like a video call but instead of having one person on the other side you have many. I feel like that would be most effective.

    I’m almost positive vlogtv doesn’t exist under that name anymore but I’m sure you can still find its evolved state somewhere on the inter webs after searching for it.

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