A curator is a person who organizes or collects items in an organized and unique manner.  Depending on the blog.  I would say a blogger is a curator if they collect and organize a mass of information on a specific topic.  Curator bloggers share the most important and best material that is relevant to the community.  The blogger arranges all the material that they collect and display it in their own personal way, for example a picture collage.  I think the main difference between a blogger and curator is the originality of the work.  The blogger creates new topics and material, while a curator only organizes other individuals works.  There is actually a blog out there called the The Curator that collects the best blogs by categories, granted curator is in the name of the blog so it’s an obvious example.  Another example would be a fashion blog, a blogger can keep up with the latest trends and products with images of new fashion clothes and releasing it to their readers.  I would say anyone could be a curator, as long as the blogger is gathering information and pictures abut a specific topic.


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