Are you a Curator?

I believe to certain extent a lot of blogs can be considered “curators” simply because each blog has all different topics and that is what is considered a curator and also choosing the things that would like to share and how you would like to represent this specific topic. In other words, having a blog is very hard because you are given so much material and you have to select what you want to display in your blog to the readers. This is the same as a curator in a museum, there are tons of painting and displays that can be sowed at a museum but the curator has to decide which material to hang which things to show to the public.

The steps that a curator does and the steps that a blogger does are extremely the same. A blogger first would have to go around and choose the material he or she would like and also which material they would like post. After that they would have to rewrite the information and come up with their own ideas and analysis of the information that they are sharing online. All blogs are curators as long as it exist effort and dedication to the blogs when sharing items.

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