Close but not quite

In some ways curators are like bloggers. Most obviously both oversee content and the product. Bloggers consciously are managing their blog when they decide what the post should be about, when it should be presented, and how the actual visual representation should be to create a viewer- friendly environment. Similarly, a curator manages what pieces should be put on display, when they should be put in, and the presentation of the works. Also both bloggers and curators focus on maintaining their works. Bloggers must focus on all posts, old and new, in order to keep up with comments and to recognize strengths and weaknesses. Curators must also ensure that all pieces are up to date and that everything is as it needs to be during the time that the pieces are on display. Although there are quite a few similarities, there is one glaring difference in my opinion. This difference is that bloggers create original content while curators maintain, organize, and manage the work of others. For this reason, I believe that bloggers are more than just curators even though they both do many of the same tasks.

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