Is Blogher right for you?

When I look at Blogher it’s like seeing two side of a coin. On one hand, you are given the opportunity to expand you audience in ways that blogging alone could never achieve. If you are able to get onto the front page or most popular list, thousands of people would be exposed to your writing. However, with that in mind, it is also difficult and discouraging to submit your work on sites like Blogher if you are a young, upcoming blogger. There are so many people, posts, and links on that site already that your posts may be lost in the sea of information. Unless you secure your spot on the front-page of the site where people can find your articles easily, your goals may be difficult to achieve. One thing that is good is that Blogher organizes the different topics well. That way it is easier to connect with people who are interested in your particular niche. However, since Blogher has a certain set of organized tabs there is a chance that your blog is not within the allowed topics. If your blog happens to be outside the subjects that Blogher shows you might not know where to put your blog and the actual publicity that you receive might only be as much as if you tried to blog and market independently. Overall, I believe that Blogher is a decent idea. However, the amount of actual success that you receive may differ for different people and blog topics.


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