ABC: A Blogger = Curator!


Curators are people who research and maintain content. They decide when a certain piece of work will be displayed to the public. They always make sure the public sees new works. Bloggers, for the most part, are, in essence, curators. They decide which content to publish. Bloggers can use editorial calendars to post different topics that will fit well with a certain month or week. Bloggers, themselves, maintain what content to publish and show to the public- readers. Cooking bloggers who test different recipes, tweak it to make it the best, and post their results and instructions are curators. Tech bloggers who always test new devices and post feedback are curators. Even those who love to write about their days are basically curators. As long as some type of research occurs, bloggers are curators. Curators don’t have to deal with expensive or historic pieces of work. Curators deal with any form of new information!

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