Who Decides? I Decide What You Post!

I do think a blogger can be in curator, but not in all bloggers can be one. I think that it depends on the type of blog that is going up. A curator in a museum is someone who takes pieces of art and decides how and when they should be displaced. A blogger can do the same thing; the only time I think this can apply is when it is a group blog or a collaborative blog. Having one person decide who is posting when and who is posting what is just like a curator in a museum does. A curator can really make a blog successful and help organize the posts rather than all of the bloggers posting up their topics. They help create something visual and content appealing kind of blog. They put all these posts together to create one “piece of art” or one “exhibit”. Each post should complement and work together in satisfying the readers. I do not agree that the author of brainpickings is a curator. The reason I think this is because I do not feel that she is bringing different posts and organizes them in a way to make one work of art. It seems like she is just commenting or analyzing the posts. She is the only author of the blog and there doesn’t seem to be any contributions from other authors. An example of a curator is Phillip Defranco with his sourcefed channel. He moderates the content and organizes things in a way where each individual vlogger works cooperate to create this channel. Each vlogger posts videos and Phillip has the final say in which vlogs get posted.

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