Its All About The Curator Baby.

So I’ve heard the word curator before but was never sure exactly what it meant. If you would have asked me 15 minutes before this post what a curator was I would have put some fancy words together and basically said it had something to do with a person in the medical field. But obviously I would have been completely wrong. But when comparing a blogger to a curator I find that they are one in the same because a curator is a “content specialist” and a blogger is someone who basically displays content that they feel is important for readers to view. So I guess now you can call me a curator rather than a blogger, I feel it sounds more official and has a ring to it (lol). But on a serious note bloggers and curators serve as the middle man to information and readers or spectators. A perfect example of a blogger or blog website that can be considered a curator is ME (lol). I filter information about entertainment news that surrounds hip hop and pop culture and distribute it to my readers. I like to consider myself a “content specialist” because I make sure that I give my readers the inside scoop of juicy gossip stories and I focus in on pop culture and I make it a point to only discuss these topics. Also, ” the curator’s primary function is as a subject specialist, with the expectation that he or she will conduct original research on objects and guide the organization in its collecting.” So to further explain, I consider my blog Urban Manner to be the collection and the juicy gossip I talk about as the original research. Thus, making me a bomb blogger who is putting the title curator before my name. So for now on call me Curator Miss Bombshell

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