Container? Maintain-er? Creator? All of the Above: Curator

In a way, a blogger can be like a curator.  They decide what gets posted, and what doesn’t.  This is especially prevalent now that we are going into the world of guest blogging: only the best posts get in.  Also, within their own topic, some particular things don’t make the cut.  On something like a group baking blog, the curator may tell you that your cake just didn’t cut it this week; try not to make it look so terrible next time.  Or, the curator can say something like “muffins are just bald cupcakes, and no one likes a bald cupcake!” decreeing that the baking blog simply won’t cover muffins.

In addition to content, bloggers also monitor and take care of the blog.  Removing spam comments can be quite time consuming (I get more spam comments than real comments! q.q) and most curators come up with an automated way to do this.  They also need to maintain the website, making sure random crap like broken links or terrible css errors don’t run rampant.  Because sometimes, things just break.

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