Blogging, Visitors, and Links

Davies, Dave.  Why Blog: The Benefits of Business Blogging for Visitors & Links. Search Engine Watch. Accessed on Oct 31, 2013. <>

This is great as far as looking at your blog from the eyes of your viewers, which is an important concept for any blog.  It details the difference between blogging for current visitors, or few new visitors.  This is an important distinction to make when blogging!  Also, it touches on a rather new topic (as far as my sources go) which is blogging for links.  This reminds me of how my boss wanted me to add more content to the company website, because he just wanted more words and more pages that could come up when something was searched about the topic.  This means more chances for your company to be found, gaining new customers.  It can be important to think of relevant keywords to use throught a post, and to use as tags.

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