Annotated Bibliography 7

Masullo Chen, Gina.  “Don’t Call Me That:  A Techno-Feminist Critique of the Term Mommy Blogger.”  Mass Communication and Society Volume 16.  Issue 4.  (2013):  510-532.  Web.  31 October 2013.

This article investigates the term “mommy blogger” and it’s effects on the women who are named such.  The author discusses whether this term marginalizes mothers who blog about their families and children, or empowers them, as many of these mothers feel.  The author discusses that this label “mommy blogger” may have people/readers recalling the label for mothers that was part of what many women learned in their childhood.  This label made all mothers look ideal and perfect.  Many women blogging now realize this was not and  is not the reality of real motherhood.

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