Annotated Bib 7. Is Journalism defined by the brand or the info?

Hempel, Jessi. “Are Bloggers Journalists?” Bloomberg Businessweek. March 6th, 2005.Web. Oct. 31st, 2013.

This article once again talks about what defines a journalist and whether or not bloggers should share the same protective laws, primarily the shield act. It brings in a specific example where Apple took legal action against 3 independent blogging sites for revealing information about a product that was considered a trade secret.  On interesting point that the article brings up is the situation with Nicholas Ciarelli, one of the writers for one of these three blogs. Under the judge’s rule, he wouldn’t be considered a journalist even though he originally worked for a legitimate newspaper for a quarter of a century prior. So is true journalism only in the brand name that presents it? The counter argument is that since anyone can publish on blogs, the facts may be rumors. In this case, if bloggers were treated like journalists, then they could be threatened for libel. The interesting thing is that at this point, legal action is only being taken when true information is found. The big companies apparently haven’t take similar action towards these smaller blogs that say things that aren’t factually correct.

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