The Anonymous Internet

Choi, Brian. “The Anonymous Internet.” Maryland Law Review 72.2 (2013): 501-570. Print.


The article gives a positive argument for starting laws that will regulate online anonymity in the hopes that it will help to limit and decrease abuse and security breeches.  Additionally, this article goes on to further demand that this must come in to place unless we hope to bring harm on our other civil liberties. One keyword from this article that seems important is “generativity”- meaning the amount of user created things on the web. The article uses this term in a way to say that limiting the amount of user created content would be a good way to limit the anonymous contributions online aka less people generating content would lead to less people generating abusive content, which makes sense, but also could take away from certain rights, possibly, in my opinion. He argues restrictions must be put in place, either on anonymity or on generativity.

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