Technical Writing on Blogs

Wiens, Kyle.  (2013) Your Company Is Only As Good As Your Writing.  Harvard Business Review.  Accessed Oct 31, 2013. <>

Your blog is only as good as your writing!  This is extremely true: the best content in the world can be hidden by terrible grammar, excessive commas, and unnecessarily fancy word usage.  Just because you have a lot of good things to say doesn’t mean you should just write your company blog yourself, rather than hiring someone who knows what they are doing.  This helps expand my paper on the sections of the Do’s and Don’ts of business blogs.

I really enjoyed this article because of it’s tie in with Technical Writing, which is my current career path of choice.  In fact, I have already had an internship where I wrote blog articles for the company.  This article will help me tie in how good writing is important for your company blog, and what exactly good writing is.  I’ve already personally learned a lot, and there is an awesome link to a technical writing handbook at the end of the article.

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