Shopping and shorter attention spans?

Hamm, Trent. The Christian Science Monitor. Web. October 10, 2013. Seen October 30, 2013.

Coincidentally enough, the author of this post is a guest blogger! Anyway, the author brings another perspective to the shorter attention spans we have today that I never thought of: shopping. According to the author, he says that people should take 10 seconds to think before making an impulsive purchase, because the shopper can usually talk him/herself out of it. But since 2000, attentions spans have gone down 33%, from more than 10 seconds to less than 10 seconds. This means that people will probably be making more impulsive purchases (according to the author’s “10 second rule”). He then gives three things that he does to help improve his attention span. They are single-tasking more, doing activities that require more focus, and prayer and meditation. I don’t know exactly how much the last one helps, but hey, whatever he thinks helps him, go for it.

As we do more and more of these annotated bibliographies, it is getting a little harder to find really credible sources because they all pretty much say the same thing about this topic. It is a pretty much a fact that our attention spans are getting shorter at this point.

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