How to improve your business blog

Tom Treanor,, 9 Ways to Improve Your Business Blog’s Performance Overnight, April 22, 2013, Media, October 31, 2013


This article is about how to improve your own business to blog, because there’s always room for improvement.  Some great tips that he mentions is to always proactively link your old post to your new posts, so readers will stay on the site longer.  Try to make older posts easier to find so they don’t get forgotten.  Keep sharing older material on social media so it keeps spreading and never dies out.  Always ask new people and experienced individuals to guest blog on your blog to be able to promote it. Switch up the writing content with new formats and styles of writing to keep readers engaged.  These are some ways to always keep improving your own business blog to make it more successful and noticeable.

This is a useful source because it explains ways on how to improve your business blog rather than why a business should have one.  Compared to my other sources this post was done by a guest blogger who is quite popular but not totally reliable.  But he does introduce good points that can help improve and create more successful blog.

This fits in my research because it doesn’t only address why a business blog is important to have, but addresses how to improve upon what you have.

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