Blogher or Blogger?

If you are just starting a blog I think Blogher is a good way to gain readers. For people that would rather take an individualistic approach, then blog networking may just be a short term option. I find the website to be a mix of just about everything, which I think is more of a negative than a positive, if someone is just looking for one specific type of blog. However, you can find just about whatever you want to read on Blogher, if you are interested in reading multiple genres without having a variety of sites to go to.  Blogher’s real intention is to be a starting point for people looking to gain a readership base. And it’s like a social networking site for bloggers, though couldn’t Twitter essentially be the same thing? If you really think about it, themed blogs such as sports and cooking with multiple authors operate as a blogging social network, the only difference being that most are established authors and bloggers. I don’t really prefer this type of blogging because attention can easily be drawn away from your own blog post with the multitude of different bloggers, some with and some without the same subject that you are writing about.

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